The kulhad chai

The kulhad chai

Everyone once in their lifetime must have a chai, especially in kulhad. A kulhad is a traditional earthen clay cup, containing no handles. Being simple in design, it is made by firing in the kiln. The kulhad soaks up a bit of the fluid poured into it. Hence when chai is poured into a kulhad, it soaks into the earthen cup and the taste of kulhad mingles with that of chai! Fascinating right?  This is what makes the earthy flavor everyone loves to drink. 

Chai has been a great part of our lives, starting from railway stations that usually begins with a chai stall on the platform yelling in one musical note, “Chai, garam chai!” Usually, all these stalls sell in kulhads. It has an essence of Indian history and culture that we welcome in some ways like this. When it comes to ‘kulhad wali chai’, no one can resist its temptation. There is just something about the hot chai in an earthen cup that gives it a true desi and genuine taste, let’s not forget that these tiny kulhads look incredible to hold and sip to. 

The overall vibe by sipping in a kulhad is unreplaceable by any other cups like plastic cups or paper ones. You can easily distinguish the taste from the kulhad. All of us chai lovers can debate on that. It is an eco-friendly version of plastic cups, and not just for aesthetics. If you’re craving an aromatic taste of kulhad, visit chai 100 ml to enjoy the steaming sip of chai. 

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