How little communities are developed over chai tapris
Shivali Chhetri

How little communities are developed over chai tapris

In India, all the alleys, streets and corners have a chai tapri selling the most dominant hot beverage of all time. It’s not just about the chai, it’s also about building connections, sharing views and opinions, having numerous discussions over evenings, an excuse to meet people and being a part of gossip culture. Be it from formal meetings to discuss something important or informal greetings, chai is always offered and served as a symbol of comfort. 

“Ek garam chai ki pyali ho” – Remember this famous song? Well, you can figure out the love of chai via this context. Tapris not only bring employment but also act as a medium to exchange and share thoughts, little communities are built and the bond is quite precious.

A group of college students hanging out, office workers, labor workers, discussion prompts, etc. Diversity can be seen. People from different communities sitting together or different economic backgrounds, there is no one stopping you at a tapri! 

The sight of boiling tea, its soothing aroma, and a biscuit dipping in the chai is all you need after a stressful day. Have a seat at a tapri and enjoy that sense of relaxation. 

Chai and conversations with even unknown people are a match made in heaven! It has become a ritual for some people to visit tapris and broaden their mindset as chai acts as a conversation starter, it adds a fuel to the fire of discussions and generational stories, something that has grown vastly due to lockdown and covid-19. Chai Tapris became a mood lifter and many of us looked forward to the warm, spicy evenings with biscuits and maska buns. 

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