DiversiTEA – India
Shivali Chhetri

DiversiTEA – India

We all know that India is a diverse nation, people living from different backgrounds, religions, regions with varied caste, creeds and genders. Although India is a united nation some of the other things always cause differences in opinions and beliefs. Nevertheless, the only thing that is common among all of us is the love for ‘Chai’! Be it any place, state or city you will find numerous chai tapris and shops where tea is sold.

It brings us together with simply one sip of steaming hot chai. Just like India, tea has various diversities available, like:

Black Tea- Having its origin in China, it is the most oxidized version of tea leaves. It is low in calories but high in caffeine content. Drinking this lowers the possibility of heart attack, stroke, and various cancers.

Green Tea- Its leaves are heated up at high temperatures to kill off the biological enzymes that lead up the process of oxidation. It contains low caffeine content and is vegetal in flavor. Scientific literature also states its therapeutic effects in Alzheimer’s disease.

White tea- Due to negligible influence on chemicals and treating agents, white tea has a fruity and plant-like taste. It helps in the tooth and oral cavity. Antioxidants present in this tea helps in blood pressure and lower the risk of insulin resistance.

Oolong tea- Mainly manufactured in China and Taiwan, this tea is famous for its unique procedure of partial oxidation. It improves sleeping patterns, ameliorates Parkinson’s disease, and helps in eczema.

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