Corporate CHAI Tapri

The idea for ‘The Corporate Chai Tapri’ was born out of a combination of two of my favorite loves – Tea and Women Empowerment. I have always wanted to see women succeed and do well in their life as independent individuals. With a noble intention to generate employment for these women and to spread my love for chai among all tea enthusiasts, I started my venture.”

– Kavita Saxena
Founder and CEO

Who are we as an Organization?

We have been actively working in the social sector for years and are very passionate about training women for developing skill sets like Digital Wallets, Email Services, Payment, and applying for their documents like Aadhar card, basic banking skills so that they can become independent and confident within themselves. We conduct counseling sessions for women that help dealing them with issues in their lives and teach them simple courses like soap making, cooking that may help them start their independent income while educating them about hygiene in menstruation and safe sex.

Why ‘The Corporate Chai Tapri’?

Opening street side stalls won’t encourage women to take this opportunity and we want to open doors to as many women as we can. This will create a respectable employment initiative for them. We want to maximize our reach so that they willingly take up this opportunity for long term benefit and self sustainability. Corporate will also give them the right exposure and a sense of security which is utmost important for them.

Why us? Because we know that the flavor people crave at the very first sip of their tea is that of the original thelas in their favorite kulhad. Thus presenting the exact blend of flavors at a tapri cost in a kulhad right at your reach! So if you find yourself rising up from your chair every now and then just to quickly enjoy a kulhad chai exactly how you like it, we will be happy to take the blame!

What sets us apart? (USP)

Taste of the original Kulhads right at your reach

Clean and Hygienic

Every cup is made fresh right before you, nothing is reused

Highest Quality Ingredients used for every Kulhad

Support a social cause to Empower Women

A little something for everyone!

As diverse as our country, so are most of our corporates which have people coming in from different regions and backgrounds. Like corporates, we also understand that with diversity comes different preferences and utility. We believe that one thing that keeps everyone united especially the people working in their 9-5 jobs is their most loved tea time breaks in between office hours where they get to bond and indulge in any conversation simply over a cup of tea or coffee.

Keeping two things in mind, one – that people in our country have a very special love for tea and two- that every person likes their tea prepared in a different way, we have tried to bring different types of tea, all under one umbrella.