How chai unites people?
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How chai unites people?

It’s not just chai, it is a steaming cup of aroma! Simply a one-step solution to all our problems, isn’t it? Be it, a bit sweeter, stronger, a little more milk, water. It unites and brings about a whole different mood. 

So, let me ask you a question. Is chai a profound part of our social life? 

It can be a chance to network with people with wide viewpoints and perspectives. As a matter of fact, having a cup of chai for a fine evening is a perfect occasion to meet and greet people, make new acquaintances and to a large extent, also works as a therapy. 

Chai has a history with India, which started in the British empire. As the British Empire grew, so did their taste for tea. The freedom fighters used to gather in the evening for chai, discussing the measures and implementations taken up for India’s colonization by the British. It is considered to be an independence movement that facilitated the people to ponder such happenings. 

Chai has become a national beverage of India, from having gatherings in small tapris in an alley to a large number of restaurants assembling for a cause or club meeting. The evolution has been prominent; fragrance curing the soul, an opportunity to release stress, having a deep conversation, to pull up an all-nighter, Chai connects and communicates with us in a pretty unusual way! 

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