Our Model
Empowering Women One Opportunity at a Time
Women in a country like India face many hardships on a daily basis. Especially underprivileged women who lose their principal right to be independent. Therein, we aid and assist these women with ambition who have the desire and determination to achieve their dreams despite their circumstances and past hardships towards:

Secure Jobs

Safe Environment and Exposure

Franchise Ownership


Self Sustainability


“The idea for ‘The Corporate Chai Tapri’ was born out of a combination of two of my favorite loves – Tea and Women Empowerment. I have always wanted to see women succeed and do well in their life as independent individuals. With a noble intention to generate employment for these women and to spread my love for chai among all tea enthusiasts, I started my venture.”

Kavita Saxena

Founder and CEO

“With every chai or snack you buy, we are one step closer to empowering one woman!”  We have curated a 9- month HERstory program for women to become independent. She is Under Privileged not Under Skilled.



Earn Salary

3 Months



Run the Business

3 Months



Own the Business

3 Months

We are delighted to partner up with Metro cash & carry and open our Kiosks at two new locations.

ABC Stall, Mumbai

PQR Stall, Thane

Own cafes
We are currently looking for a place to launch our 100ML Chai cafes that will entertain and empower people at the same time!
To help or register with us,
contact us at +91 8828299499 or
write us at kavitahsaxena@gmail.com